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Name:Justin Randall Timberlake
Nick Names:Curly, Shot, Bounce,TennMan, The Baby, Mr. Smooth.
D.O.B:January 31st, 1981
P.O.B:Memphis, Tennessee.
Current Residence: Orlando, Florida
Height/weight: 6'1", 75 kg
Eye color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond Highlights in dirty blonde hair
Likes: shopping, b-ball
Dislikes: girls who smoke, fake people
School Status: High School Graduate
Hobbies: b-ball, collecting sneakers, singing, and dancing
Credits: Sang and acted on the Mickey Mouse Club (MMC)
Model Behavior
Musical Influences:Stevie Wonder, Brian McKinght, Jimi Hendrix
Disgusting Habit: Burping and procrastinating
Proudest Bodily Bit: His hands because he plays basketball
Bodily Bit He Dislikes: His hair because it's so curly(that's whats so cute about him)
Gets Annoyed When: You mess with him in the morning, he won't say anything till he eats
Fave Food: Spaghetti
Fave Drink: Milk
Fave Cereal: Apple Jacks
Fave Animal: Dog
Fave Word:Crunk
Fave Movie: Scream
Fave Babe:Sandra Bullock, and Tyra Banks
Fave actor/actress: Brad Pitt & Sandra Bullock
Idol: Michael Jordan
Transportation: His red Mercedes M Classand purple Mercedes BMW
Fave Spice Girl:Mel B, Emma
Fave color: Baby Blue (I, personally love his baby blue Kangol hat and his baby blue FUBU shirt)
Fave Author: John Grisham
Family Members:His half-brothers Jonathan and Steven, Mother Lynn and Father Paul
Quote :My Voice Is My Most Prized Possession."