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Name:Joshua Scott Chasez
Nick Names:JC, Mr. Serious
Date Of Birth:August 8th, 1976
Place Of Birth:Wahsington D.C
Current Residence: Orlando, Florida
Height & Weight: 1.79m, 75 kg
Eye color:Blue-Hazel
Hair Color:Brown
Likes:in-line skating, movies
School Status:He's Done
Hobbies:playing football, rooting for the Washington Red Skins, singing, dancing, writing music, Karate & swimming
Previous Credit: Sang and acted on the Mickey Mouse Club(MMC)
Musical Influences:Billie Holiday, Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson
Disgusting Habit:talking on the phone late at night
Proudest Bodily Bit:His Hair
Bodily Bit He Dislikes: His arms and his chest because he says there too skinny
Fave Food:Asian
Fave Drink:Water
Fave animal: Dog
Fave Movie:Star Wars 1,2,3
Fave Babe:Naomi Cambelle, Michelle Pfieffer
fave actor/actress: Harrison Ford & Meg Ryan
Fave Spice Girl:Mel B
Fave Color: Black
Fave author: Shakespeare
Family Member:Parents Karen & Roy, sister Heather & brother Tyler
Quote Of The Day:"I Usually Keep A Stuff Animal From A Show To Sleep On While We're Traveling