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Name:Joseph Anthony Fatone Jr.
Nick Names:Joey, Flirt, PHAT-One
Date Of Birth:January 28th, 1977
Place Of Birth:Brooklyn New York
Current Residence: Orlando, Florida
Height & Weight: 1.83m, 88kg
Eye color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Likes:superman collection items, clubs, and skating and flirting
Dislikes:usless at sports, and fake people
School Status:He's done
Hobbies:flirting, skating, singing, dancing, movies, video games, Karate & playing basketball
Previous Credit:Performed in Macbeth, Damn Yankees, Beetlejuice
Musical Influences:his dad, and '50's music
Disgusting Habit:burps alot
Proudest Bodily Bit:his legs
Bodily Bit He Dislikes: his nose and his feet
Gets Annoyed When:Justin's grumpy and he tries to cheer him up and it doesn't work
Fave Food: Italian food
Fave Drink: Pepsi
Fave Movies:Billy Madison
Fave animal: black panther
Fave Word:Burrrrrrttttttt(just out of the blue-and really loud)
Fave Babe:Demi Moore
Fave actor/actress: Robert De Niro & Jodie Foster
Fave Spice Girl:Geri (former Spice Girl)
Idol: Daddy Joe
Fave author: Shakespeare
Family Member: Parents Phyllis & Joe, sisters Janine & Steven
Quote Of The Day:"No matter what I do, I go at it full-till and can't be stopped."