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Name:James Lance Bass
Nick Names:Scoop, Laid_Back , Lansten, Poofoo
Date Of Birth:May 4th, 1979
Place Of Birth:Laurel, Mississippi
Current Residence: Orlando, Florida
Height & Weight: 1.79m & 75kg
Eye color:Green
Hair Color:White Highlights in blonde hair
Likes:the beach, rock climbing, sky diving
Dislikes:mushroom, and people that pre-judge you
Hobbies:video games, listening to rap, weight training, karate
Previous Credit: Was part of The Mississippi Show Stoppers
Musical Influences:Anything from Boyz II Men to Offspring to Garth Brooks
Disgusting Habit:Biting his nails and spiting it out & he's really messy and never cleans his room.
Proudest Bodily Bit:His Eyes because there're a weird shade of green
Bodily Bit He Dislikes: His hair because it's so hard to style
Gets Annoyed When:he's talking and nobody listens
Fave: Food:Pizza and French Toast
Fave Drink:Dr. Pepper
Fave animal: Dog
FaveTV Show:Mad about you
Fave Movie: Mortal Kombat Annihilation
Fave actor/actress: Tom Hanks & Lucille Ball
Idol: Michael Jackson
Fave Babe:Jennifer Aniston
Fave Spice Girl:Mel C
Fave Author: Ellie Wiesel
Family Member: Parents Diane & Jim, sister Stacy
Quote Of The Day:"I'm not into people who pre-judge you."