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Name:Christopher Alan Kirkpatrick
Nick Names:Chris, Lucky, Puerto Rico
Date Of Birth:October 17th, 1971
Place Of Birth:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Current Residence: Orlando, Florida
height/weight: 1.75m, 75 kg
Eye color:Brown
Hair Color:Brown, w/black and white dreads
Likes:Beaches, girls, skating
Dislikes:broccoli, gets bored easily
School Status:He's done
Hobbies:in-line skating, singing, dancing, song writing, and street hockey.
Previous Credit: Wroked at Universal Studios
Musical Influences:Michael Jackson, Brian McKnight, Green Day & No Doubt (hehe)
Disgusting Habit:He bites his finger nails right down to his knuckles
Proudest Bodily Bit:His Hair he never cuts it.
Bodily Bit He Dislikes: his feet because they're so little
Gets Annoyed When: people bore him
Fave Food:Pizza
Fave Drink:Orange Juice
Fave Word:dude
Fave animal: Tiger
fave actor/actress: Mel Gibson & Audrey Hepburn
Fave Movie: Mad Max
Fave Babe:Gwen Stefani
Fave Spice Girl:Victoria
Family Members: Mother;Beth, Father;Eustice Four half sisters, Molly, Kate, Emily and Taylor
Quote Of The Day:"I'm crazy and out going"